For a Clean Ocean

Bracelet created by: Rachael Z Miller


Take a dive into the ocean!

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$2 from this bracelet goes to: Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean
SKU: Caribbean, Navy Blue, Blue Glow, Dark Turquoise, Light Turquoise
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Use a tape measure to measure around your wrist and match it to the size chart.

Bracelet Size Wrists measures (Up to)
XS6.5 inches (16.5 cms)
SM6.6 - 7 inches (16.6 - 17.9 cms)
M7.1 - 7.5 inches (18 - 19.1 cms)
LG7.6 - 8 inches (19.2 - 20.3 cms)
XL8.1 - 8.5 inches (20.4 - 21.6 cms)

Product Description

Bracelet created by: Rachael Z Miller

The deeper you dive into the ocean, the darker but richer the blues. Rozalia Project cleans and studies the whole water column , from the surface to the seafloor, and the beads in this bracelet go from the surface (light and beautiful) into the deep (darker and beautiful)! We find trash everywhere in the ocean, but we also know that we can prevent and fix this problem. Every effort counts, including wearing and sharing this bracelet!