This bracelet is a reminder that sharks and the ocean need our help!

Exclusive Custom Glass Beads Edition

The Ping: Real Time Shark Locations

Bracelet created by: Ocearch



The orange and white beads on this bracelet represent the pings on the Global Shark Tracker that we study and follow so we can create a healthy future for the ocean. 


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$2.40 from this bracelet goes to: OCEARCH
SKU: Neon Orange, Orange, White Glow, White Glow, Orange
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Use a tape measure to measure around your wrist and match it to the size chart.

Bracelet Size Wrists measures (Up to)
XS6.5 inches (16.5 cms)
SM6.6 - 7 inches (16.6 - 17.9 cms)
M7.1 - 7.5 inches (18 - 19.1 cms)
LG7.6 - 8 inches (19.2 - 20.3 cms)
XL8.1 - 8.5 inches (20.4 - 21.6 cms)

KonectIDY Exclusive Edition Bracelets are made using Authentic Blue Water Climbing cord, Imported Hand Made Glass Beads, and a Laser Engraved Nickel Plated  Button closure – 20% of each bracelet sold supports OCEARCH.


Product Description

Bracelet created by: Ocearch


The dynamic shark tracker is a cornerstone of OCEARCH. Each shark OCEARCH samples is fitted with a SPOT tag which utilizes satellites to give the shark’s global position in real-time. Each ping creates data that previously never existed; our multi-institutional, collaborative, and open-sourced science team studies each of those pings. Policy makers use these studies to ensure our ocean is properly managed and protected. The pings are also shared with the world through the Global Shark Tracker, which allows the public to learn about shark migrations in real-time. This changes the conversation around sharks from fear to fascination, connecting the public with the often-feared shark that in reality needs to be protected. 


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