A Soldier's Story

A Soldier’s Story

Support Our Troops – A Soldier’s Story is a place to recognize the magnificent men and women of our armed forces. In their units they are known as “Cpl Andrew Handshue”, “Sgt Casey Scalese” “Sgt Matt Jobkar” or “Airman Mack Peterman”. Outside their units they are husbands, wife’s, mothers, daughters, fathers and sons. There are currently 1.5 million men & women deployed, plus millions of others who have served in the past.

Here is a place to share their individual stories with the world and support Operation Troop Appreciation at the same time. Each unique bracelet designed has a specific soldier’s story associated with it. Wearing the bracelet is a constant reminder of that individual soldier and what they mean to you.

Each bracelet associated with Support Our Troops – A Soldier’s Story is attached to Operation Troop Appreciation. Atleast 2 dollars from each bracelet sold goes to support this great cause so they can continue helping our deployed troops and veterans.

The stories are what makes this so personal and compelling. Let’s get as many stories out there as we can! They all deserve telling.

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About Operation Troop Appreciation

The mission of Operation Troop Appreciation is to promote he well being of the veteran community, past and present, with the assurance that the American public appreciates their service. Operation Troop Appreciation started as a simple project in 2004 to provide Under Armour t-shirts to a local Pennsylvania National Guard platoon (1/107 FA, Alpha Company 759 MP) of 38 soldiers deployed in Iraq. Since that time the operation has shipped over 125,000 custom packages to deployed troops.

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