Why we Make Our Bracelets

KonectIDY was started as a series of questions.

  • Why not do something special and leave a legacy?
  • Why not leave a positive footprint on the world?
  • Why not make a difference and do it in a really cool way?

Then we asked ourselves imagine if…?

Imagine if…you could make a very special, positive “Konection” with an unlimited number of people!

Imagine if…you could “IDYourself”…for exactly who you are…in exactly the way you want…for the specific cause you believe in.

Imagine if…you could create something that could be featured proudly and shared – like a really cool, personal website URL or hashtag that you wear!

Imagine if…you could find similar like-minded people to do the same!

Imagine if…creating one small Konection could truly make a difference!

Imagine if…you could change the world in a positive way!

This is the energy behind KonectIDY