Peter grew up in Jersey (Paramus NJ) and at the age twelve his father sold his business, packed up the family and moved to New Hampshire. It was the Granite State where he learned that he “tawked” with an accent, that walking next door to see if your friends wanted to play could be a mile walk each way and mowing 4 acres of lawn with a 24 inch mower was a full time “joh.”

With a “glass half full” mindset he found the long walks inspiring which led to a life long love of the outdoors be it fishing (catch and release) skiing or hiking. The wide-open spaces, mountains or sea is where he gets his energy and his best ideas. In college he worked with the guys that created the Paint Ball Games (back then it was called the Survival Game) and fell in love with the start-up energy. After college he and some friends created the original “Ted Shred Global Surf Saga” which they sold to Digital Domain. He then worked at Reebok for seven years where he got lots of cool gear and once traded 3 pair of Shaq shoes for a Salt-Water Penn Fly Rod and Reel that he still uses. In 1999 he jumped back into the Dot Com start-up world and met Tony, they worked together at two Dot.coms and Finally founded their first company -Valid Media Group followed by Konectidy

He’s a family guy first, loves good ideas and struggles with time. Time is the one thing we all have the same amount of, nobody gets 70 minutes in an hour, we all get 60 minutes and nobody can buy more.