Fulfillment expertise – ARC Technologies:

Our strategic partner (ARC Technologies) was established in 1988 in order to serve the Advanced Materials marketplace, focusing on engineered solutions.  They employ 160 people and have annual sales of $30MM.  They are well established in both the defense (Government) and commercial markets.  They have been recognized by several of major customers for exceptional performance and innovation.

They are registered to the International Standards Organization’s “Quality Management Systems Requirements” (ISO9001).  This is the internationally recognized standard for the requirements of a quality Management System.  This registration is constantly audited by the registering body and requires robust infrastructure in all facets of the business.

They manufacture products using several processing disciplines including; Gumstock rubber, composite products, coatings, liquid polymer systems, thermoplastic injection molding and extrusion, stitching and laminating.  They do extensive cross-training of their workforce in order to meet changing demand within these diverse processes.

Their product Research and Development team is staffed by up to 15 people including 2 PhD’s, a Physicist, Metallurgist, Plastics Engineer, Materials Scientists and Lab Technicians.  It is a strong team that excels in following new products through to successful production.

The established infrastructure of our partner makes them uniquely situated to handle the product launch and support any level of follow on requirements.

Reliability testing and product engineering are essential to assure that the product launched will function consistently well and safely.  Testing of our bracelets includes environmental (salt fog, UV), and mechanical (tensile strength) tests to assure the product will last in outdoor exposure and will remain assembled when worn by active persons.  Product Engineering will include drawings, work instructions, as well as quality assurance and inspection documentation and procedures.

KonectIDY’s process documentation will likely utilize the work instructions and inspection plans to establish a Router (checklist of tasks) to assure each lot of product is produced consistently and correctly.  All Products will be produced in an environment that meets the requirements of International Standards Organization’s “Quality Management Systems Requirements” (ISO9001).

Through this partnership KonectIDY will utilize several effective methods of inventory management from Min/Max systems to Kanbans used in “Just-in-Time” systems.  We will implement the methods that are most effective for the circumstance.

KonectIDY has access to nearly 100 production associates that can be drawn upon to support initial phase production.  The uncertainty of initial demand will necessitate a flexible workforce in order to assure timely deliveries.  We have a great team in place that have the skill sets required to meet these demands.

KonectIDY has the ability to ship products worldwide and have the logistics abilities and contacts to establish the best commercial practice for product packaging and distribution.