PPP Memorial 2014

Bracelet created by: Gary Brodsky


This bracelet is in memory of four special people.

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$2 from this bracelet goes to: Pan Mass Challenge /Team Patriots Platelet Pedaler
SKU: Charcoal Grey, True Blue, Tangelo, Dark Lilac, Dark Lilac
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Use a tape measure to measure around your wrist and match it to the size chart.

Bracelet Size Wrists measures (Up to)
XS6.5 inches (16.5 cms)
SM6.6 - 7 inches (16.6 - 17.9 cms)
M7.1 - 7.5 inches (18 - 19.1 cms)
LG7.6 - 8 inches (19.2 - 20.3 cms)
XL8.1 - 8.5 inches (20.4 - 21.6 cms)

Product Description

Bracelet created by: Gary Brodsky

Each first August weekend we ride our bicycles to raise money and awareness for cancer research, in the Pan Mass Challenge. Our bracelet for 2014 is in memory of four special people, all others who have lost the fight and in honor of all still fighting.

The four beads have significance in color and in order, The first purple bead is in memory of Todd Shostek. Todd was a married father of 5 girls. He lost his battle with Pancreatic cancer on September 2, 2009. He was 47 years old. Just four weeks before he died, he rode from Wellesley to Sharon in the PMC. Todd’s favorite color was purple!The next purple bead is in memory of Myra Hiatt Kraft. Myra was the wife of Robert Kraft, mother to 4 sons and a true American Philanthropist.  She was also know as the “matriarch of the New England Patriots”.  Many rookies over the years have told the stories of how she invited them to her home often. Myra’s passing was mourned by people around the globe. Myra lost her battle with Ovarian cancer on July 20, 2011, she was 68 years old. Her favorite color was purple. The orange bead is in memory of our PMC pedal partner in 2011. Charlotte Rose Kelly lost her 2 and 1/2 year fight with Neuroblastoma on December 7, 2011. Charlotte will be forever 5 years old. In one short afternoon in May of 2011 this little girl changed my live forever.  Charlottes favorite color was orange.  The blue bead is for our most recent friend who lost his fight. Rich Nolan was a married man with a son and a daughter. He rode in the PMC in 2011 and raised funds in 2012 and 2013, right up to his death on June 6, 2013. Rich was 52 years old. He was buried in his riding jersey and his favorite color was blue.

Our bracelet tells the story of the young and old, wealthy and blue/white collar, mothers, fathers and children. So different and yet cancer took them all from their loved ones, friends and communities who will never forget them.  We remember them with their favorite colors….and we will continue the fight in their memory.