Faith & Courage

Bracelet created by: Ashley


The pink represents my favorite color, it is bright & cheerful & always make me feel happy.
The green glow bead represents that even when I’m “lost” in the dark I will always be able to find my way.
The magenta bead represents happiness & to always try to bring a bright & positive influence into the world.
The light turquoise bead represents the ocean & the sky which are both bright blue wonders.
The yellow glow bead represents the sun, the moon & the stars, bright yellow & burning, I know that no matter what changes happen throughout my lifeI know they will always be constant.

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$2 from this bracelet goes to: Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation
SKU: Rose Pink, Yellow Glow, Light Turquoise, Magenta, Green Glow
sizing chart


Use a tape measure to measure around your wrist and match it to the size chart.

Bracelet Size Wrists measures (Up to)
XS6.5 inches (16.5 cms)
SM6.6 - 7 inches (16.6 - 17.9 cms)
M7.1 - 7.5 inches (18 - 19.1 cms)
LG7.6 - 8 inches (19.2 - 20.3 cms)
XL8.1 - 8.5 inches (20.4 - 21.6 cms)

Product Description

Bracelet created by: Ashley

I created this bracelet with bright colors to remind myself to love others, be happy, be understanding & be calm. This bracelet will remind me that I will always find my way out of the dark, that I can always be a positive light in someone’s life & to share & spread happiness where ever my journey takes me.