Ripple Effect

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  • November 07, 2014

Create-A-Ripple                                            RIPPLE EFFECT

Ghandi said – “in a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

KonectIDY is based in Newburyport, Massachusetts in a small coastal town      north of Boston. Gratefully, we live and work near the ocean and have the  opportunity to visit the beach on a regular basis. It’s a place we often visit to gaze at the sheer magnitude of the Atlantic, to put life and work in perspective, or to just relax. Standing at the edge of what covers 71% of planet is always humbling and makes you realize that although oceans may separate us we are all ultimately connected in some way.

One day while tossing rocks into the calm waters, I was amused by the ripples and the patterns caused by throwing a rock, then another larger rock to create a larger ripple. My thought process led me to believe that big rocks create the biggest ripples effect.  It made perfect sense, but I was wrong.

I began throwing larger rocks into the water to see how big a ripple I could make. I made a mental picture of how far the ripple effect would expand. I was impressed at how far reaching the ripple created by one big rock would travel.

Then of course, I did the obvious and hurled a hand full of small and medium sized rocks at the same time. The ripples of the rocks created multiple expanding concentric circles, which began to join and interact to create a much larger singular ripple on the outer edge. It was like the ripples were collaborating and working together. The result was a bigger outer ripple and the more smaller and medium sized rocks I tossed in the same direction only added more energy to the expanding outer circle.

I realized that this is exactly what social enterprises like KonectIDY are all about. This is how social change and awareness leads to making a difference. In our case with KonectIDY, using the “Gandhi For Children” bracelet as an example, we wish for people who purchase this bracelet to not only wear the bracelet but to speak of and spread the Gandhi Message.

When a person asks you about your “Gandhi for Children” bracelet and you reply – “Oh, this is the Gandhi For Children Bracelet and it’s supporting a global movement to eradicate the scourge of poverty and human degradation…” you then shine a light on a problem and become part of the solution and the ripple effect.  Every small conversation generates awareness and a collective voice that leads to the change that will in time manifest the future as the result of our combined actions.

In effect, you are a like the rock creating a ripple effect that together with others will create a wave large enough to change the world. It’s not one big rock – it’s the thousands of rocks working together that matter!

Please help us by Konecting to the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute and become a rock that creates a ripple effect of your own!



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