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  Because each Konectidy Bracelet carries a message in the unique color combination created by you it’s important to understand how to read the bead. Like any language or code there needs to be a starting point, for example the English language is read from left to right; Japanese is read top to bottom.

Understanding the Konectidy Language Code

  1. Konectidy’s language is color based and lives on your wrist therefore there is no true left to right or top to bottom.
  2. Secondly there are over 80 million unique messages that can be created using the Konectidy color coding system which makes the sequence of the colors very important.

Reading the Bead

  1. To decipher or interpret the unique meaning of a Konectidy bracelet you must start from the Konectidy logo button.
  2. Then record and enter the unique color sequence into the search box
  3. If the unique color sequence has already been established and created you will see who created it, the date it was created, the unique meaning/message and what charity it may be supporting.
  4. If the unique color combination has not been created it means it’s available for you to create your own unique message.

Konected we can change the world!

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konectidy bracelet read the bead