OCEARCH and KonectIDY – using bracelets to save sharks and “live konected”

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  • December 08, 2015

The OCEARCH Bracelet is a reminder that sharks, and the ocean, need our help!

Ocearch Konectidy Cause Bracelet

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. – November 18, 2015 –

OCEARCH, a globally recognized nonprofit dedicated to the study and tracking of keystone marine species such as great white sharks, has partnered with KonectIDY, a cause-related and positive messaging bracelet company, to help our shark populations recover, by generating awareness and raising funds via a unique bracelet designed by, and for OCEARCH.

“We are proud to partner with OCEARCH,” said Peter Ettenborough, co-founder of KonectIDY. “They’ve created their own unique positive message for shark lovers and ocean lovers to wear and share. This positive energy is certainly transferable and grows, and truly gives us the opportunity to ‘live konected’.”

OCEARCH, founded by Chairman and Expedition Leader Chris Fischer, enables leading researchers and institutions to generate and open-source previously unattainable data on the movement, biology and health of great white sharks and other apex predators to protect their future, ensure healthy oceans, and enhance public safety and education. A total of 20% of bracelet sales will go to OCEARCH, to further their pioneering research.

Over 200,000 sharks are killed each day primarily for their fins and often the shark’s body is thrown back into the water. This unfortunate statistic is a great reminder that sharks and the ocean need our help, which is what OCEARCH and KonectIDY have set out to do.

“Sharks are the lions of the ocean, they are the balance keepers, and if we lose them, there won’t be any fish,” Fischer said. “We were looking for new ways to share this message and raise funds, and working with a partner like KonectIDY who believes in this mission will help us achieve our goal.”

Join the movement! Purchase your OCEARCH Bracelet and track the OCEARCH tagged sharks by accessing the near-real time, free online Global Shark Tracker or by downloading the Global Shark Tracker App available for Apple and Android platforms. Focus Science and Technology voted the Global Shark Tracker App to be included in The 10 Best Science Apps!

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Chris Fischer and his team, start our relationship with OCEARCH, and get people wearing and sharing this important message,” said Tony Peluso, Co-Founder of KonectIDY. “Plus, we get to give back to OCEARCH in the process – and that’s not a bad day’s work!”


About KonectIDY

Conceived in 2013 by business partners Peter Ettenborough and Tony Peluso, offers a way to create more positive messaging in the world and give back in the process.  Individuals, charities and corporations can custom design their own color-coded bracelets with positive messages on KonectIDY, then wear and share them so this positive energy can grow and we can ultimately “live konected.” This is achieved via a patent-pending color-coding system representing each creator’s positive message and story.  Each bracelet is unique to the creator and can never be replicated.  In addition to spreading positive energy and awareness, these customizable positive messages serve to raise funds as KonectIDY donates 20% of each sale to the charity or cause connected to the design.


OCEARCH is a non-profit organization with a global reach for unprecedented ocean-based research on apex predators such as Great White and Tiger Sharks, supporting leading researchers and institutions seeking to attain groundbreaking data on the movement, biology and health of keystone species to protect their future while enhancing public safety. The researchers OCEARCH supports work aboard the M/V OCEARCH, a 126’ Cat powered vessel equipped with a 75,000 lb. hydraulic research platform, where the ship serves as both mothership and at-sea laboratory. Scientists have approximately 15 minutes of access to live, mature sharks to conduct up to 12 studies. The sharks are measured, tissue and blood samples are collected, and satellite and acoustic transmitters are attached. OCEARCH expeditions are largely supported by Caterpillar Inc., as part of a socially innovative multi-year partnership to impact ocean sustainability. Additional partnership support is provided by Costa Sunglasses, Contender, Yamaha, SAFE Boats, MUSTAD, and Landry’s Inc.

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