Laney and Loren To Compete in Puppy Bowl X

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  • January 24, 2014
Laney and Loren

Help Support Colorado Animal Welfare Leagues Laney and Loren’s Training!

In August CAWL was contact by Animal Planet who was looking for puppies to star in Puppy Bowl X. Kyle and Lisa shot some quick video of Laney and Loren and sent it off, not thinking another thing about it. Early in September, they got an email saying that Laney was accepted and could come to New York City! Another week passed and Loren was accepted as well. On October 2nd, Kyle and Lisa packed up crates, beds, food, bowls, toys, chewies, leashes, vet records and two puppies and headed off to the airport.

The story of Laney and Loren is an amazing rags to success story. It wasn’t to long ago that these two puppy’s were alone and on the streets. Thanks to the Colorado Animal Welfare League these two extremely cute puppy’s have both been adopted to amazing families and entering extreme celebrity status at the Animal Planets Puppy Bowl X.

You can help support Colorado Animal Welfare Leagues efforts!

Although Laney and Loren have already found loving homes for their retirement after the Bowl, but CAWL still needs your support helping all those wonderful four legged friends a second chance! We all know that training high level athletes takes a lot of time and money, so we’ve created this unique bracelet for their cause. Just think, you can support this wonderful cause and get a great bracelet to remind you of all the wonderful things that CAWL does!

Animal Welfare Leage Bracelet

Support the Colorado Animal Welfare League

Laney - Puppy Bowl

Support Laney

Puppy Bowl - Loren

Support Loren!






If you’d like to find out more about the Animal Planets Puppy Bowl, you can see more here:

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