Why Giving a Gift that Gives Back Matters

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  • November 21, 2014

Gifts Give Back A                   Why Giving a Gift that Gives Back Matters

Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the Season of Giving, a season of love, caring and happy children…or is it now just the season of great deals and buying for yourself? Retailers always ratchet up their advertising to stimulate sales, promotions and bonus savings just so they can meet the expectations of Wall Street.

                 Why Giving a Gift that Gives Back Matters –

First – science proves it… giving is good for the giver.   Simply put it makes you, the giver happier when you give while expecting nothing in return.

Second – When you Give a Gift that Gives Back it multiplies the power of giving to others who are in need or maybe it helps the planet and we all know the planet could use some help right now.

Third – Imagine if this year everyone made a conscious decision to give just one gift that made a contribution to a charitable organization. This is the time of year when non-profits that work tirelessly through out the year raise a large part of the funds needed to continue their efforts in making a difference, you would definitely make them happier too!

KonectIDY was founded with the vision of spreading positive messages through a unique patent pending color-coded design that takes the form of bracelets people create, wear and share. Each bracelet created has a special meaning given to the bracelet by its creator and is then connected to a charity.

We believe giving ANY gift that gives back really does matter, and can make people truly happy.  ANY unique personal gift that extends personal giving and has a positive impact beyond the person receiving the gift ultimately does more good for your soul and the well being of others.  It’s a good investment in KARMA!

We urge you to give a gift that matters any way you choose. At KonectIDY we do it by partnering with charities such as the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute. They created The Gandhi For Children Bracelet, and we work with them to spread the message inherent in their bracelet – a daily affirmation and constant reminder that the soul is healed by loving children.

To help spread these positive messages, from Friday, November 28th thru Monday, 12/1 we are promoting a Buy Two bracelets get One FREE program.  If you choose KonectIDY, we want to make it easy to create or simply purchase a bracelet that supports a cause – and be able to share that message with others.  Just buy 3 bracelets and use this coupon code at check-out B-2-1-FREE  and we’ll subtract $9.95 from your total.

By wearing a KonectIDY bracelet, when someone asks about the bracelet the magic of the bracelet’s message (and the cause it helps) comes alive when you get to share what it means with others. It’s a bracelet that makes you feel happy every time someone asks you about it, when you give it, and helps others at the same time!

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