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  • September 16, 2013

Thank you to all those who joined the KonectIDY movement by entering our “Create the next KonectIDY bracelet” contest!  We received many colorful, positive, motivational and inspiring bracelet designs and messages.  Unfortunately we could only choose 10, and they certainly made a colorful Konection with us! 

Below you will find the contest winners entries.

Created by: AnnMarie Smith 

anne marie head shotCreated on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Brothers”

Description: Babies, boys, then men… always brothers. Loving and competitive, buddies and combatants. Role models to each other, source of pride to their families, and contributors to society. Fathers, cousins, grandfathers, friends… always brothers.

Bead Colors: Chocolate-056, Baby Blue-053, Orange-070, Royal-068

Cord Color: Black



Created by: Autumn Wallace

Created on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Colors of Glory”

Description: My bracelet represents the 5 most common types of cancer. Pink being breast cancer, orange skin cancer, light blue-prostate cancer, dark blue- colorectal cancer, and the white cord for lung cancer.

Bead Colors: Baby Blue-053, Orange-070, Pink-064, Royal-068

Cord Color: White


Created by: Jeremy Lee

contest winner j2Created on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Be Strong

Description: This bracelet is remembering that there is always hope to make things happen. To always try your best.

Bead Colors: Royal-068, Bright Red-158, Bright Red-158, Royal-068

Cord Color: Silver


Created by: Heidi Winslow

Heidi Image Contest

 Created on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Santosha”

 Description: Santosha is the Sanskrit word for contentment. To be content is to be contented with life, gratified, happy, cheerful, and at peace. To try to achieve contentment, to choose to seek contentment, and help others to feel content, makes life worthwhile.

Bead Colors: Orange-070, White-073, Coral-102, Dark Teal-290

Cord Color: Kelly Green


Created by: Caroline Winslow


Created on: 9/15/2013

 Bracelet Name: “Las Montañas”

Description: A bracelet to invoke images of snow capped, jagged mountains and celebrate those who spend every  waking moment climbing, skiing and exploring las montañas.

Bead Colors: Navy Blue-075, White-073, Royal-068, Light Turquoise-065

Cord Color: Caribbean Blue


Created by: Wendy Thomas

chick with flowersCreated on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Sunny Days Ahead”

Description: Having a hard time? Always remember that the sun will always come out tomorrow.

Bead Colors: White-073, True Blue-094, Bright Yellow-074, True Blue-094

Cord Color: Lemon Yellow


Created by: Aj Peluso

Created on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Spring Time”

Bracelet Description: This bracelet was made to show the true colors of spring. All the nature and happiness of spring made into a bracelet.

Bead Colors: Lilac-059, Yellow-074, Orange-070, Light Turquoise-065

Cord Color: Lime Green


Created by: Emma Peluso

Created on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Beach Days”

Description: This bracelet embodies special memories and days at the beach; the white sand, the green blue sea, and coral seashells.

Bead Colors: Light Turquoise-065, Coral-102, Coral-102, Light Turquoise-065

Cord Color: White


Created by: Lisa Madden

LisaMaddenCreated on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Peace”

Description: It’s what everyone wants… not only for ourselves but the world at large. This colorful bracelet is paired with calming colored beads to evoke peace.

Bead Colors: Dark Lilac-054, Chocolate-056, Sand-226, Dark Lilac-054

Cord Color: Fuchsia


Created by: Sun Poschmann

Created on: 9/15/2013

Bracelet Name: “Understanding Allergies”

Description: Designed as a quiet and significant message of “we understand”, this bracelet is for anyone who suffers from, or has a family member with a food allergy.  It enables individuals to identify themselves as having food allergies and allows others to share their understanding, empathy, and knowledge of those suffering the hardships of having food allergies.

Bead Colors: Dark Teal-290, Dark Turquoise-066, Light Turquoise-065, Sand-226

Cord Color: Dark Brown


Over the next few days KonectIDY will assemble, photograph and add the contest winners bracelet designs to the Friends of Aine Foundation Collection.  For each bracelet sold  KonectIDY will  donate $2.00 to the Friends of Aine Foundation.  Winners will receive 5 bracelets for their participation.   KonectIDY hopes you will share your bracelets with your friends and together we will share your unique message with the world!

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