Peter-Jeep-smThe road to the future sometimes requires a revolution. For konectIDY the revolution began on August 18th 2013 – built on the spirit of “paying it forward” in whatever colorful way you choose. KonectIDY ‘s mission is to allow everyone to create their own unique, positive and colorful messages while generating awareness (and a lot of needed funds) for charities and causes all of us believe in.

We see value in not only building a company based on a positive vision for the future, but a company that offers the ability for every individual to share a positive piece of themselves with the world and create a new world energy. For us, it all starts with The Friends of Aine Foundation and our goal to help raise $50,000 In Aine’s memory to help grieving children. Our vision is to help as many charities as possible, and with you leading the revolution we can do anything!

Learn how we can help your charity, and spread your word. With one Konection you can change the world!