Add your cause to the Konectidy family of causes

By filling out this form, and submitting your information, you agree that KonectIDY has the right to display your information in the bracelet creating process, on their website and in any promotional material.

For any created bracelets that choose your cause, your cause will receive $2 of each sale.

This is currently for United States and Canada based Causes and Non-Profits ONLY.


How long does it take to receive donations from the sales of bracelets?

Proceeds from the sale of your bracelets are processed by JustGive, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that processes donations and disburses funds to charities based on donor recommendations. Donations from the sale of Konectidy bracelets - $2 per bracelet - are processed quarterly through JustGive. If you are expecting a donation check but have not received the check by the end of the month following the close of the calendar quarter, please contact us