Can You Imagine

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  • November 13, 2014

can you imagineCan you Imagine
a world where children are free to be children…

Can you Imagine if you had a son or daughter, and no money to feed them, clothe them, shelter them or care for them, and then perhaps abandoned them…

Can you Imagine your child was sold or forced into dangerous, physically grueling occupations, 18 hour work days and into commercial sex work…

Can you Imagine your child being one of the 600 million children worldwide growing up eating garbage and dying without knowing love…

Can you Imagine your child being one of the 16,000 children a day dying of hunger related causes – that is one every 5 SECONDS…

More importantly, imagine how a helpless child would feel?

Can You Imagine a world where all children have hope, love, peace and opportunity….a world described by M.K. Gandhi: “If we are to teach real peace in this world…we shall have to begin with the children. 

At KonectIDY we imagine a konected world that respects life, lives in peace and spreads messages of unity and hope! We imagine a world where children are free to be children.

Fortunately, we were chosen as the supplier of the Official Bracelet of the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute.  The GWEI works to protect children from exploitation as child laborers, including a bi-monthly child labor rescue program, school for migrant children in brickyard labor camps, and a children’s home for rescued child laborers and the children of abandoned, divorced and widowed women.

We are proud to feature The Gandhi For Children Bracelet (#GandhiBracelet;, designed by GWEI to serve as a constant reminder and daily affirmation that the soul is healed by loving children.

$2 from every sale of The Gandhi For Children Bracelet will be donated by KonectIDY to the Gandhi Worldwide Education Institute. Our goal is to raise $50K in 90 days for the GWEI….that’s 25,000 bracelets or 278 bracelets a day.

Imagine becoming both the message and messenger for change… when you purchase The Gandhi For Children Bracelet, we are counting on you to wear and share its message. By proudly doing so, you play a part in bringing this message to others so that they too can be a part of our movement. We bet each Gandhi For Children Bracelet wearer can tell 5 people – so that’s 100,000 people who could receive this message face-to-face in 90 days! The ultimate game of telephone.


Through the simple gesture of purchasing The Gandhi For Children Bracelet, you have the opportunity to make a tangible difference, share a message of hope for children, get Konected to others, and help bring an end to these tragic conditions.

OUR GOAL – 278 bracelets a day for 90 days to help save children and reach 100,000 people! Konected, we can do it.

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