Our Bracelets

Colorado-girls 250Each KonectIDY bracelet (patent-pending) is made one at a time, by hand, in the USA. While our bracelets are really cool looking, they are actually much more than something you wear on your wrist. KonectIDY is a customizable color-coded language that takes the form of a bracelet. It is unique to each individual; yet can be shared with as many people you want to create your colorful Konection to the world.

We believe in paying it forward, so it is part of our mission to hire local employees who are as passionate about our bracelets as we are! All of our employees believe in our philosophy of constant and never ending improvement, and of course in creating products that you will be proud to wear and share with the world. We have created a process that allows us to carefully and meticulously stone tumble beads to create a unique finish. Our process can create beads that have a distinct and unique contrast, looking both vibrant yet worn like a favorite pair of jeans

Our cord is modeled after US military issue 7-strand Kernmantle style 550 cord. Others may call their product “550 cord”, but our competitors products have less-expensive, fiber stuffing inside that does not come anywhere close to the strength and quality of our product. Some cords even glow in the dark! Every KonectIDY bracelet uses tarnish resistant, 18 gauge wire-crimps that securely close the connection to the cord and is extremely durable and reliable. Plus, it looks really cool on the bracelet!

Our buttons showcase the original KonectIDY logo in a very subtle manner so as to not detract from the bracelet itself. The buttons are laser engraved, and serve as the beginning of our “language of color”. Each KonectIDY bracelet you design means you stand for something, that you are part of something bigger and that you are unique. And don’t forget – Konected we can do amazing things!