WHAT is KonectIDY


It’s not just a bracelet, it’s an instrument of change! With KonectIDY, you can create your own unique, wearable color-coded message that expresses a personalized statement in support of your favorite cause – a message as unique as a fingerprint. Just pick a charity, select or create a bracelet, and then share the message with as many people as you can. We help you konect your message with issues you care about, and bring the energy of your personal color-code to life.

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Become interconnected with people and solutions around the world.
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Design a one of a Kind bracelet with a purpose; change someone’s world.

create_braceletYou design it, name it, and give meaning to the bracelet, we manufacturer and provide a place for people to purchase it and share the power of your color-coded message.

Design and Name a Bracelet


Raise awareness and funds for causes that are shifting the world’s balance toward good.

Every bracelet fuels a movement for change by triggering a $2 donation to your selected cause – just pick the charity you are most passionate about helping! Is it education, the planet, disease eradication, supporting our troops, or women empowerment? We’ve got a cause you can get behind. Check out all our charity options and styles.



Pick a KonectIDY Speciality Campaign Bracelet to support and become a part of leading world movements.

Gandhi For Children

Help Support
Mandela's Last Wish

Got a big global problem you want to help solve? Start your own movement by getting your family and friends behind the charity you most care about! Come up with a bracelet design that expresses your change-making focus and then share your creation with as many people as you like! Your journey into bracelet activism that changes the world starts here:Design and Name a Bracelet


Share your KonectIDY moments with others behind our causes or your very own, unique to the creator causes.

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