Konect and ID Yourself


Your positive words and your colorful energy

Starting a MOVEMENT to KONECT us all!

The Fine Print

We donate $2.00 of every cause bracelet (that’s 20% of gross) to the charity linked to every charity bracelet AND we give another 1% of gross sales to protect our planet! WHY? The whole reason we started this crazy business was to give back!


We’re eating lunch, talking about why there’s more negative energy in todays world, the media, violence, hunger, climate… you know what we’re talking about. It kinda ticked us off.

We asked why, but that got us no where because we know we’re all different, going in different directions, wanting different things, and we think maybe this negative crap is the new normal. The weird thing is that yes we’re all different, but like it or not we’re all connected on this planet too. That got us thinking differently. Instead of asking why, we said what if? What if we could change the conversation and make it positive? What if we encouraged being different and, instead of dividing us we connected and united people and got us talking about positive stuff that matters? Crazy right…

BUT WAIT- We can do this we said! We knew that color is energy and words have power. Share that energy and it becomes real and it grows. What if we develop a way for anyone to color code and track their positive words, messages, stories, goals, missions, we don’t care as long as it’s positive. To insure it’s got positive juice we won’t let you get one unless it’s connected to a cause that’s doing good. That’s Color Coded Positive Energy!

THE CAUSE BRACELET… Don’t ask us why we ended up making a bracelet because we knew nothing about bracelets other than Hercules wore bracelets that had some cool powers. Honestly, it was never about the bracelet, it’s about a movement. It’s about wearing and sharing positive messages. It’s about starting a new conversation and connecting people. It’s about being different. It’s about not letting the negative energy win.

Vintage Tiki-Bar found at a yard sale, $200 bucks.Everyone laughs because it’s in our office…Priceless!

create positive energy

Every KonectIDY cause bracelet completes a one of a kind
color code in a specific order. Once a color code
is created by you, named by you, given meaning by you,
it’s energized by konecting to a
cause and locked in our system.
Your color code will never be
re-created but it will never stop
doing good! Truly bracelets for a cause!

Black band
Yellow band
Green band
Blue band


“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers,
the believers and the thinkers, but most of all,
surround yourself with those who see greatness in you
even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Edmund Lee


Learn more about the causes you can KONECT with.

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